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About School of Life Sciences

Established in 1991, the School encompasses three departments viz. Dept. of Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Biotechnology under one umbrella for post-graduate and Ph.D. programs. Over the period of last 20 years, the School has established itself as a center for quality teaching, research, and extension activities in life sciences. The School has 11 faculty members and is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation for life sciences research. The School has successfully completed several research projects funded by various government agencies like the UGC, DBT, DST, RGSTC etc. The School is supported with special grants by UGC (UGC-SAP-DRS) and DST (DST-FIST) programs. Six well equipped PG laboratories, small specialized research laboratories for plant tissue culture, cyanobacteriology, probiotics, fermentation and central instrumentation facilities are key features of the School. The School is committed to wholesome and all-round growth of the students to make them successful entrepreneurs, managers, technocrats, and responsible citizens.

The School specializes in research areas pertaining to development of biocontrol agents, biopesticides, bioactive microbial and plant derived secondary metabolites, and tissue culture, biosensors, biocomputing, pesticide biodegradation, and production of biopolymers, bioethanol, and biosurfactants. The School routinely organizes national and international seminars, symposia, workshops, and refresher courses in life sciences and is frequently visited by scientists of national and international eminence. The School is also actively engaged in extension activities for the benefit of farmers of the Khandesh region comprising Jalgaon, Dhule, and Nandurbar districts in supplying biofertilizers (Plant growth promoters, Trichoderma, Phosphate solublizers, etc.) on no-profit-no-loss basis.

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Global Biotech Forum

Global Biotech Forum, Nagpur, India is a charitable trust established in 2007 and chaired by Vice-Chancellor, North Maharashtra University, Prof. Sudhir U. Meshram. The president of the Forum is Dr. Ashok B. Dongre, Emeritus Scientist, ICAR, New Delhi. It is a vibrant new forum for interaction between scientists, teachers and students working in the field of biotechnology on the one hand and between biotechnologists and its end users on the other. Besides holding seminars, symposia and conferences, the Forum aims to address the practical problems of the farmers and bring them back to the lab for viable solutions. The Forum thus wants to give a practical, realistic and meaningful, sustainable and inclusive growth direction to biotechnological research under field conditions. The Forum also provides R&D consultancies under its aegis and arranges for mobile van exhibitions and field demonstrations of latest applicable biotechnological advancements in remote and tribal villages.

Global Sustainable Biotech Congress

The first Global Biotech Congress was organized in December 2000 in collaboration with Dept. of Microbiology, R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur with sustainable practices in biotechnology as its main theme. The Congress was a great success in that it allowed the participating scientists a direct interface with farmers and other end users of the technologies that they developed in their labs. The effort was widely applauded in India and abroad by the scientific community. About 2000 villagers participated in the ‘Lab-to-Land’ technical parallel sessions. About 450 delegates and invitees from 68 renowned R&D organizations and educational institutions of the world participated in the congress. The technical sessions dealt with 13 status papers on many front-line research areas of biotechnology and 74 research papers through poster session. Several important recommendations emerged out of the deliberations in the Global Conference and panel discussions including open-house sessions.

The Second Global Biotech Congress was held during 18 – 21 December, 2006 in continuance with the prominent and pertinent recommendations that emerged out of the deliberations circulated for consideration and implementation by the developing and developed countries of the world. The congress was a joint endeavor of the Global Biotech Forum and Rajiv Gandhi Biotechnology Center, R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur, India. ‘Role of Sustainable Development’, was the main theme of the Congress owing to its significance in face of the threat that human development faces today from the fast deteriorating environment. The ‘Lab-to-Land’ parallel sessions involved 62 invited speakers including Chairmen, Coordinators and more than fifty thousand farmers. The technical sessions of the Congress dealt with 15 status papers on frontline areas of Biotechnology from the esteemed scientists representing countries like USA, Australia, Romania, Belgium, Mexico & Czech Republic etc. More than five thousand delegates and invitees from 120 renowned R&D organizations & educational institutions participated. About 200 research papers through Poster sessions were presented on varied Biotechnological applications. On the whole, the congress was hailed by everyone as a memorable activity that fulfilled academic aspirations of students and professionals of science. Several inputs and recommendations that emerged out of this liberal open discussion including the ones those during technical parallel session ‘Lab-to-Land’ at villages, proved this congress to be one of the most rigorous brainstorming biotech exercises.

Scope and Objectives

The main objective of GSBC-2014 is to provide appropriate platform for the farmers, emerging researchers, academicians, scientists, entrepreneurs and students. Interactive sessions shall allow the participants to question and explore the emerging sustainable biotechnologies and assess their implications on the society and environment resources as a whole.

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