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Mr. K. P. Dandge Remote Sensing and GIS Technology for mapping spatial variations of Water Quality Index in Erandol area, Jalgaon District, Maharashtra State
14.95 DST-SERB, New Delhi

Prof. S. T. Ingle

Establishment of Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations at Jalgaon Urban Centre




Dr. S. N. Patil
(CO-PI: Prof. S. T. Ingle)
Applications of Geochemical and GIS techniques in Impact Assessment of Municipal Waste on soil and water Quality of Jalgaon area (M.S.).
10.45 UGC 2012-15
 K. P. Dandge
 "Effects of process factors on the efficiency of mixed aerobic culture for the de-colorization of Reactive Red Dye"
 2.0  UGC 2013-15

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