Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
कवयित्री बहिणाबाई चौधरी उत्तर महाराष्ट्र विद्यापीठ, जळगाव
Maharashtra, India
'A' Grade NAAC Re-Accredited (3rd Cycle)
अंतरी पेटवू ज्ञानज्योत
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We feel proud and privileged to present to the seekers of talent & dynamism. Looking forward to the visit of Industries, Research Organisations and Commercial Establishments to the beautiful campus of Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon for strong and mutual Industry-Institute Interactions. Details can be finalized through further correspondence (e-mail/telephone/postal).The Training and Placement Officer, Coordinators and Office staff members may be contacted over email or telephone for information on training and Campus Placement at Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University.

The Training and Placement Officer,
Central Training and Placement Cell,
Room No. 101, Main Administrative Building,
Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University,
Umavinagar, Jalgaon-425001 (Maharashtra State) India
Ph. No. 91-257-2257346, 2257250 Fax No. 91-257-2258403/06
Email: tpc@nmu.ac.in, University Website: www.nmu.ac.in

Following Table provides the List of Academic Programmes on the University Campus and Satellite Centers and the contact details of Co-coordinators


School Academic Programmes  Concerned Coordinators with designations
Contact Details
(email & Mobile)
University Institute of Chemical Technology B. Tech. and M. Tech. in Chemical Engineering, Paints Technology, Plastics/ Polymer Technology, Food Technology/ Food & Fermentation Technology, Oils Technology/ Oleochemicals & Surfactant Tech., and M. Tech. in Pharmaceutical Chem. &Tech., Nano Tech. Prof. J. B. Naik
Head, Dept. of Chem. Engg.
jitunaik@gmail.com, +919422205671
Prof. R. D. Kulkarni,
Head, Dept of Paint Tech.
.Dr. U. D. Patil, 
Assistant Professor
 Dr. J. S. Narkhede
Assistant Professor
School of Management Studies B.B.M. and M. B. A. Dr. R.J. Sardar,
Associate Professor
School of Computer Sciences M. Sc. In Computer Science/ Information Technology, MCA, U.G.C. Computer Centre Dr. Ajay Supadu Patil,
Assistant Professor
+ 91-9423975215
School of Chemical Sciences M.Sc. In Polymer Chemistry/ Pesticides & Agrochemicals/ Industrial Chemistry/ Organic Chemistry/Physical Chemistry/  Analytical Chemistry Dr. V. V. Gite,
Assistant Professor
School of Life Sciences M. Sc. In Bio-chemistry/ Microbiology/ Bio-technology Mr. K. S. Vishwakarma,
Assistant Professor
School of Physical Sciences M. Sc. in Physics/ Electronics/ Electronics  Engineering & Tech., M. Tech. in VSLI Technology
Dr. S.T.Bendre,
School of Environmental & Earth Sciences M.Sc. in Environmental Science/ Applied Geology/ Applied Geography/  Environmental Engineering & Tech., M. Tech in Environmental Science and Technology. Dr. S. N. Patil,
Associate Professor
School of Mathematical Sciences M. Sc. In Mathematics/ Statistics/ Actuarial Science Dr. K.F.Pawar,
Associate Professor
+91- 9421513162
School of Language Studies & Research Centre M. A.in Marathi/ English / Hindi/ Urdu (Proposed)/ Ancient Languages (Sanskrit, Pali, Ardhamagadhi) (Proposed)/ Local Dialects (Ahirani, Mawachi, Pawara, Lewa, etc of Khandesh Region) (Proposed)/ Foreign Languages (Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, French and Russian) (Proposed) Prof. M. S. Pagare,
School of Education M. Ed. (Education)/ (Physical Education) Mr. Santosh Khirade,
Assistant Professor
School of Social Sciences M. A. in Sociology/ Philosophy/ Economics/ Political Science/ History/ Social Work Mr. U. A. Gogdia,
Assistant Professor
Department of Library and Information Science M. Lib. and I. Sc. Mr.V. D. Aher,
Asst. Librarian
Department of Mass Communication M.A. in Mass Communication and Journalism Dr. Sudhir Bhatkar,
 Asst. Prof.
dr.bhatkarsudhir@gmail.com +91-09423490044
Department of Adult and Continuing Education & Extension Services --- Dr. D. S. Suryawanshi,
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